Message by Chairman

The criteria for any nation’s development is its regime’s constitution and the rule of law, that the people are responsible for leading the way for change in he world.

Therefore, the advancement of any nation must be judged by its reverence for the constitution that the people have accepted by their free will, respect for the rule of law established by a council that has been elected fairly and transparently, executing the rulings of any independent judiciary, as well as the responsibility of the ruler to unite the country and respect its will.

“These foundations have been, and will continue to be the criteria for a nation’s advancement throughout history”

We urge the Pakistani people and the Muslim nations to be proactive in the face of rising challenges, and not to give in to the despair that despotism has left in their souls. “Let your strong faith in God and the pages of history be your guides to overcome frustration and despair in the face of change. Only then, will the values of attaining freedom rise in the souls.

Message by President

In these difficult times of the world, we are witnessing Hatred, greed, terrorism and discrimination in a huge cliff in front of us all. In order to play our part and make the impact on the world, we are working to help communities to learn and understand the mutual cooperation, respect and creating enabling environment. I think we can change the world by raising awareness and exchanging the peace ideas to make this world better place to live and grow. I believe that essence of education and awareness is very vital towards achieving the quality of life through and with peace.

Courage will be a foundation for speaking up the truth and confronting tyranny; rescuing the oppressed will become a form of worship that draws Muslims closure to God; and moving forward towards building a free society based on the foundation of equality will become the single legitimate means in achieving the desired goals for Peace and interfaith harmony.


  • To Create Awareness for Promoting International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony.
  • To Play Effective Role in Promoting Sustainable Economical and Social Development Through Active Community Participation.
  • To Reduce Inequities in the Society Through Promoting of International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony.
  • To Assist and Strengthen the Vulnerable and Unprivilideged Communities by Empowering them Towards Development.
  • To Reduce Gender in Equalities and Children Vulnerability by Joining Hands with the Women Empowerment Initiatives and Child Protection Interventions.


  • Conducting Awareness Raising Seminars, Workshops, Sessions and Walks for Achieving the Organizational Objectives of Promoting Peace and Reducing Inequalities.
  • Organizing Trainings and Development Programs for the Poor and Marginalized Communities on Basis Facilities of Life Leading them to Empowerment.
  • Linking Marginalized and Vulnerable Communities with the Public and Private Programmes for their Social and Economic Empowerment.
  • Serving Traditionally Vulnerable Group Such as Elderly, Disabled, Women and Children Through Right Based Approach of Social Development.
  • Playing Vital Role in Cross Cutting Areas of Development Such as Poverty, Gender Inequality, Environment, Energy, Governance, Information and Technology, Social and Economic Development.

Awareness Raising

International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony Welfare Trust organizes the awareness raising campaigns by focusing on Peace and Harmony Themes. The activities include the Workshops, Seminars, Dialogues and Peacemaker Meetings. The Events arranged by Peace and Religious Harmony Welfare Trust provide opportunity to experience peace inside and spread the word of peace and tolerance within community for bringing peace into our daily lives. Peace Maker Meetings encourages the society to come together with other peacemakers with a focus on peace through exchange of information and ideas.
Awareness raising and public information campaign are conducted with objective to;

  • To promote mutual respect for the life and dignity of every human being without discrimination or prejudice on the basis of caste, creed, color and religion.
  • To share collective wisdom on peace and building peace helping towards economic empowerment and social development.
  • To promote and contribute to community development with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles.
  • To create awareness about social issues and reflect upon appropriate solutions for making this world better place.
  • To develop and promote human rights through awareness and education.
  • To developing social networking with public and private institutions on the issues of International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony .
  • To conduct these activities at District, Provincial and Federal level for ensuring participation at all the levels and tiers.

Peace message and students

International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony Welfare Trust has focused on students to participate in spreading the word of Peace. Peace Messages for and through students is an interactive programme of seminars and workshops committed to developing the important threads of intergroup cooperation that is essential for peace and co-existence among human beings worldwide.

Through this initiative students have the opportunity to explore the creative process and celebrate their rich ethnic diversity with free quality educational and informative seminars and workshops. People of all ages and gender, come together to work participate in these activities that is meaningful to them and the common man.
The planned activities for students have the following aims and objectives:

  • To promote international understanding cooperation and global peace through awareness, education for human rights, peace, democracy, social development, and sustainable environment.
  • To promote tolerance, mutual respect and culture of peace helping to bring justice and economic empowerment.

Future strategies

International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony Welfare Trust (Regt.) is committed to strive for creating a world better place. Following are few future strategies developed for promoting International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony ;

  • Establishment of resource centers for International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony .
  • Organizing Seminars, workshops and orientation sessions for public and private organizations, employees, teachers, school administrators, and members of the media.
  • Lobbying for national, and sub-regional awareness raising activities to share and disseminate information, experiences and sharing ideas on combating terrorism and promoting peace.

Development of resource materials for International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony .

Donations and funds

International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony is seeking collaboration with individuals, organizations, educational institutes that have a similar purpose and interest. These activities are normally funded by individual and organization donations and grants. Your donations/contributions to one of the above activities will help fund our upcoming Peace workshops/seminars and awareness raising campaign.